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The Key to Soft, Sexy (And Edible) Skin this Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2018

The Key to Soft, Sexy (And Edible) Skin this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! The billion-dollar holiday that breeds babies and a plethora of gifts. If you have plans with a special someone, these tips are going to make you irresistible. If you plan to spend the day solo dolo (nothing wrong with that!) why not feel and smell great for yourself? Treat yourself! You have over an entire week from today to get your body baby soft. Even following these suggestions the day before or the day of will yield impressive results. As expected, the longer you exfoliate, the softer you’ll be. BUT, if you procrastinate like me, it’s okay. I have you covered.

I just want to say before we get into this post that I wrote this while listening to Beyonce, the queen of soft, silky skin. She practically invented soft skin. Thank you, queen! Let’s get you Beyonce soft!

1. Exfoliate

If you want smooth skin and you’re not exfoliating, your ash isn’t going anywhere. You can try to mask the ash all you want with body butter and oils but just like a penniless, clingy man, your ash is not going anywhere. Run to the closest Target or Walmart near you and buy an exfoliating glove or scrub and get to work! Here are some of my favorite physical exfoliants to quickly slough off those dead, crusty skin cells and reveal the soft, Beyonce skin currently trapped in ash.

Another great (slightly painful but in a good way) method of exfoliation is waxing. Treat yourself to a full body wax this Valentine’s Day and I promise you’ll be as smooth as a marble. Waxing is the quickest way to get rid of all unwanted hair for an extended period of time. Don’t shave your legs. The annoying, prickly stubble will be growing back by the time dinner is over. Check Groupon to see if there are any wax deals in your area, or visit my favorite place on earth, European Wax Center.

2. Moisturize

I’ve worked hard to compile a list of body moisturizers that will get you as close as possible to the softness that is Beyonce’s legs.

Krazy Essentials Lickable Lovers Oil

First, let’s start with my favorite brand for affordable body care. Packed with nourishing grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and a flavor of your choice, this fan-favorite edible massage oil is guaranteed to fulfill your…needs. The brand offers three flavors: Chocolate Strawberries, Strawberries and Cream, and Rose Coconut. Yum! I’m almost 100% sure Beyonce would approve. Shop here and use the code ‘Lily’ for 20% off! (Related: Glow from Head to Toe with the Krazy Essentials Dry Body Oil).

Kaylux Cosmetics Vacation Body Highlighter Oil

If you’re looking for a not so subtle, “BAM!” kind of glow, this is for you. If you’re going on a hot date and want to spark up your outfit with liquid gold, the Kaylux Cosmetics Vacation Body Highlighter is your answer. It’s formulated with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, argan oil, and mica. This ingredient list is the perfect combination for achieving soft, glowy skin all night long that is sure to make your partner and potential #glucoseguardians (LOL) notice you. Purchase your bottle of liquid gold here.

Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Body Butter

Smelling edible is the first step to being edible. I mean, we taste with our noses right? If something smells good, you’ll be more inclined to put it in your mouth. This body butter is indubitably the most moisturizing, amazingly scented body butter available in the body care industry. You can’t convince me otherwise. The scent follows you around for HOURS and pairs well with various perfumes, such as my favorite, YSL Mon Paris. This is my go-to when I want people to be like “ooo she smells GREAT!” when I walk past them, which has happened at least 5 times that I actually heard. I’m convinced more people have said it in their heads. If you want to feel like butter, you need this.

Nivea Cocoa Butter

Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day staple. The first thing many people think of when they think of this holiday is chocolate. Who wouldn’t want to taste and smell like the creamiest chocolate bar in the market? Sign. Me. Up. Their in-shower lotion works to moisturize your skin while it is still damp and the body cream helps to seal in this moisture. Be careful using the in-shower body lotion, if you use too much you may break your back (not in a fun way). Yes, I learned the hard way. To avoid this, use it immediately out of the shower while your skin is still completely wet. Much safer and you’ll get the same benefits of sealing in the water. The cream will make you irresistible to touch.

3. Soften Your Feet

I can’t be the only one who enjoys rubbing my feet on someone. That’s because my feet are constantly smooth and I feel like everyone who has the privilege of getting that close to me deserves to feel them! If your feet are currently rough enough to be physical exfoliants, let me get you together. The first thing you need to do is run to Sephora and buy the Karuna foot masks, or if you have Amazon Prime, purchase the Baby Foot Peel. It’s the King of foot exfoliation. But if you don’t want to wait 2 days, the Karuna one is your next best bet. Exfoliate your feet with these foot masks and then moisturize and seal with fuzzy socks. The peel will likely cause your feet to temporarily resemble reptiles, so be warned. But after your feet are done peeling and you keep up with heavy moisturizing, they’ll be #Beyproved. Your feet don’t have to feel like a pumice stone forever. Here are the perfect products to combat your rough feet.

Let’s get glowing! I’d love to hear how you’ll be incorporating these tips and products into your Valentine’s Day body routine. Comment below!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any babies conceived as a result of these tips.

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