Hey, guys! It’s quite clear from my blog that I typically use western beauty products. But, I have finally decided to venture into the world of K-beauty! Woohoo!!! I love everything about it so far, although I doubt I will fully be making a transition.

I was introduced to k-beauty primarily through Courtney, an amazing black k-beauty blogger at blackgirlgonekbeauty.com. Through her results using Korean Beauty products as well as her extensive knowledge of them, I was intrigued to try them myself.

Recently, I stumbled upon a few sheet masks (a Korean beauty staple) at Forever 21 that were fairly inexpensive, so I decided I would give them a try!

What is K-Beauty?

K beauty is short for Korean beauty and it is *literally* what the name says…beauty products from South Korea. Korean skin care tends to focus on bright, even toned, super glowy and hydrated skin. South Koreans are big on maintaining a very youthful look, thus the focus on hydration.

Quick fact: Did you know K-beauty is responsible for the rise in popularity of BB and CC creams? 

Korean Beauty Routine

This is usually the part where most people clock out when they hear a “10 step skin care routine” because 1) nobody has time for all that, 2) that sounds super expensive, and 3) refer to 1 and 2!

The good thing is, you don’t need a 10 step skin care routine to have an effective Korean skin care routine. And, you also should utilize samples before buying the full size, as Courtney wrote about here. You can also read her in depth post about the 10 step routine here.

Let’s get into the products I tried!

Naisture Sweet Honey 15 minutes Mask Pack

Honey is great for hydrating the driest of skin types, and this mask did just that. My skin felt replenished and healthy after using it.

Pure Derm Vitalizing Orange Pads 

These pads instantly brightened my skin and made it feel super refreshed. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quick glow.

Yadah Brightening Mask Pack

My first thoughts with this mask is that it feels a tad bit sticky on the skin. It wasn’t as light as the other masks but it provided my skin with a great boost of moisture and created a good base for my makeup. I did notice my skin was more glowy than usual after using it.

Pure Derm Multi Step Hydro Synergy Gel Mask

I LOVED the gel feel of this mask, considering I’m used to fabric sheet masks, trying out this gel makes me never want to turn back. It sticks right on my skin and I can move around while wearing it. My favorite thing about it is that it made my skin instantly appear plumper.

Pure Derm Intensive Healing Foot Mask

This mask made my feet feel baby smooth but it did not make them peel. The results were not prolonged, maybe around 2 weeks before my feet started feeling a little rough again. I would say this is a great quick fix if you don’t want to deal with the peeling that most foot masks cause.

Pure Derm Honey Essence Mask

More honey!!! Honey + my skin = heaven! My skin INSTANTLY felt and looked plump and hydrated. My makeup applied significantly smoother after using this mask, too.

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Written by Lily Njoroge
  • This was a great post! Some of the masks that you have on here, I’ve never tried before. I recommend the Tony Moly masks as well! The Tea Tree mask is awesome!

    • Lily Njoroge

      Thank you for reading it! I love Tony Moly masks. They were one of the first Korean mask brands I tried. My favorite sheet mask brand at the moment is Leaders. And yes, tea tree masks are great for my oily, acne-prone skin type!